8 Steps to Upcycling Furniture with Wallpaper: A Sustainable Decor Approach


The sphere of interior decoration is witnessing the rise of a unique trend – Upcycling Furniture with Wallpaper. This ingenious approach not only champions sustainability but also offers a budget-friendly solution to revamp your decor. By reimagining old furniture pieces with wallpaper, you can craft bespoke designs that mirror your style.

Deciphering Upcycling

Before we embark on the journey of upcycling, let’s decode what it means. Upcycling is a creative process that transforms discarded or surplus materials into new items of superior quality or environmental value. In the context of furniture, this could be morphing an antiquated bookshelf into a chic bar cart or adding a contemporary flair to an aged table.

Identifying Suitable Furniture

The inception point of upcycling furniture with wallpaper involves pinpointing the right piece. Opt for robust pieces that boast clean contours and smooth surfaces. It’s worth noting that the furniture doesn’t have to be in mint condition – the allure of upcycled items lies in the narrative they hold.

Upcycling Furniture with Wallpaper

Choosing Ideal Wallpaper

Subsequently, you need to select your wallpaper. The world of wallpaper design is replete with infinite possibilities. Whether you favor audacious geometric prints or subtle floral motifs, there’s a wallpaper out there to suit every taste. Align your choice with the aesthetic of the room where your furniture piece will reside.

The Importance of Preparation

As with any DIY task, preparation is crucial. Begin by meticulously cleaning the furniture. Eliminate any dust or dirt as it can impede the wallpaper from sticking properly. If your piece has a glossy finish, consider giving it a light sanding to provide a better surface for the wallpaper to adhere.

Wallpaper Application Process

The exciting part ensues – applying the wallpaper. Segment your wallpaper into parts that correspond to the areas you wish to cover. Smear a thin coat of decoupage adhesive or wallpaper paste on the reverse side of your paper and cautiously position it on your furniture. Use a wallpaper smoother or even a credit card to iron out any creases or bubbles.

Final Touches

Once your wallpaper has dried, contemplate applying a clear varnish to safeguard your new design. This will fortify your freshly amazing ways upcycle pill bottles and ensure its longevity.


Upcycling furniture with wallpaper is an exceptional method to infuse character into your space while contributing to waste reduction. With a touch of creativity and diligence, you can metamorphose weary furniture into tasteful showpieces that exude your distinctive style and preference.

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