10 Amazing Ways to Upcycle Pill Bottles into Unique Crafts


Upcycle Pill Bottles: The world of upcycling offers a universe of potentialities. Pill bottles, often discarded after use, are one such item that can be creatively repurposed. With a touch of creativity and resourcefulness, these usually overlooked objects can evolve into beneficial and aesthetic items. This article presents you with 10 amazing ways to upcycle pill bottles.

Repurposing Pill Bottles

Commonly perceived as trash, pill bottles can fulfil a plethora of functions when you choose to upcycle them. Their compact size, resilience, and water-resistant nature make them suitable for a range of crafts and practical uses.

Inventive Ways to Upcycle Pill Bottles

Travel-Friendly Containers

An easy and practical way to upcycle pill bottles is by converting them into travel-friendly containers. They can hold shampoos, conditioners, lotions, or other toiletry liquids. This approach is not only sustainable but also economical as it eliminates the need for purchasing travel-sized products.

Upcycle Pill Bottles

Compact First Aid Kit

A pill bottle can serve as an excellent mini first aid kit. It can accommodate band-aids, gauze, and a small tube of antiseptic ointment. This compact first aid kit can be conveniently stored in your vehicle, handbag, or backpack for unexpected emergencies.

Portable Sewing Kit

In the event of sudden wardrobe mishaps, having a portable sewing kit is invaluable. A pill bottle can contain small thread spools, needles, buttons, and safety pins.

Miniature Planters

Upcycle pill bottles into miniature planters for succulents or herbs. These cute decorations are also perfect for those with limited space for larger plants.

Crafts Supplies Organizer

Pill bottles can also be utilized to organize small craft supplies like beads, sequins, or glitter. They maintain your supplies in order and prevent spillage or misplacement.

How to Upcycle Pill Bottles

  1. Cleanse the Bottles: Before you begin crafting with pill bottles, ensure they’re meticulously cleaned. Eradicate any labels and sterilize the inside to prevent contamination.

  2. Select Your Project: Determine what you want your pill bottle to transform into. This decision will guide the materials and tools you’ll require.

  3. Assemble Your Materials: After selecting your project, assemble all the necessary materials. This might include paint, adhesive, fabric, or other crafting supplies.

  4. Start Crafting: Now is the time for the enjoyable part – crafting! Adhere to the instructions for your chosen project and let your creativity run wild.

  5. Relish Your Upcycled Pill Bottle: Once your crafting is complete, you can revel in your new upcycled pill bottle!


With a dash of imagination and inventiveness, a simple pill bottle can be metamorphosed into something both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Upcycling pill bottles not only promotes a more sustainable lifestyle, but it’s also an engaging and rewarding activity that everyone can partake in. So, the next time you empty a bottle of pills, reconsider before discarding it – it could be your upcoming craft project! If you want to learn more about upcycling, check out the comprehensive guide to upcycling wooden chairs.

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