Impeccable Guide on Upcycling Malm Bedside Table to Transform Your Bedroom Space


There comes a time when one feels the need to rejuvenate their intimate masterpiece – the bedroom. It becomes a project of necessity, more so when you want to transform an everyday Malm bedside table from IKEA into a designer piece that breathes life into your room. Upcycling a Malm bedside table is not only an economical choice but also an environmentally friendly approach towards redesigning your room.

Upcycling vs. Buying New

Why Upcycle? With the creeping effects of global warming, the recycling and upcycling movement has gained momentum. Upcycling, particularly, breathes new life into old furniture, giving it a new purpose. By upcycling an old Malm bedside table, you’re reducing your carbon footprint, saving money, and adding a unique touch to your bedroom.

The Unique Charm of Malm Tables

Malm bedside tables have earned a solid reputation in the furniture realm. Their streamlined design, affordability, and durability offer a blank canvas for your upcycling masterpiece. These pieces are perfect for anyone craving a unique and personalized touch in their rooms.

Step-by-Step Guide to Upcycle Your Malm Bedside Table

Preparation is Key

The first step in this upcycling adventure is to thoroughly clean your Malm bedside table. Remove any residues, stickers, or oil that could interfere with paint or primer adhesion. For the stubborn that refuse to come off, a bit of sanding will do the trick.

Identify Your Design

Next, you need to determine the final outcome you desire. What is the vision you have for your Malm bedside table? A distressed finish? A sleek, modern look? By defining your aesthetic, you set a clear path for the implementation process.

Gather Your Materials

Based on your design, gather all the necessary items. This can include primer, sandpaper, paint, and brushes for a basic design. For a more elaborate approach, you might need wallpaper, stencils, or decorative items such as crystals or studs.

Remember Your Safety

Before proceeding, remember to put on your safety equipment. A mask and goggles can protect you from harmful dust and chemicals.

Down to Business

Once you have everything in place, it’s time to transform your Malm bedside table. For a basic design, start by sanding the table lightly, apply the primer, and then your chosen paint color.

Personalize It

The final step is likely the most rewarding – personalization. This is the stage where you add unique elements that make the table authentically yours. Whether you add stencils or an entirely different drawer handle, it adds a particular charm that makes it stand out.

Upcycling Ideas for Your Malm Bedside Table

Add a Marble Top

A thin marble slab on your Malm bedside table gives it an elegant, expensive, and luxurious feel. This replacement not only enhances the visual appeal but also adds to the table’s functionality and durability.

Stencils and Patterns

Creative stencils and patterns are an amazing way to add visual interest to your Malm bedside table. They take a standard table and transform it into an art piece. Stencils are available in wraparound styles or subtler motifs that can be repeated across the surface.

Color Pop

Upcycling your Malm bedside table gives you the luxury to play with colors you wouldn’t ordinarily consider. Vibrant colors like yellow or teal not only add personality to your room but also act as focal points, brightening your space.


Upcycling an old Malm bedside table is a rewarding project that allows you to revamp your bedroom space without compromising on the environment or your wallet. Whether you’re aiming for a minimalistic look or a bold and vibrant one, upcycling can deliver the result you hope for. The mundane Malm bedside table has great potential. With just a dash of creativity, it can encompass your preferences in every detail, ushering in a unique charm to your room.

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