10 Innovative and Creative DIY 80s Party Decorations: A Step-By-Step Guide

1. Gateway to the 80s Era

Set your foot in the time capsule as we navigate you on a memorable journey packed with fluorescent hues, luminous neon lighting, and irrefutable 80s style. We are not merely going to help you rekindle that iconic era’s spirit but guarantee that your event is a blow out success. Your creativity will be kindled as we expose the fantastic world of DIY 80s party decorations.

2. Vintage 80s Themed Centerpieces

Aged vinyl discs have a striking effect as DIY centerpiece options. Whether laid flat or rising at the center of your setup, these vinyl records successfully take your guests down memory lane. Pair them with radiant neon-toned blossoms for an added blast of vivid 80s flair.

3. Glow Sticks and Neon Lights

No throwback party is comprehensive without the essential neon strings and glow sticks. Draping neon string lights crisscrossing your venue will recreate an authentic 80s feel. Don’t miss distributing radiant glow sticks to your attendees to ensure an energized rhythm.

4. DIY Wall Art- Pac-Man Mural

Design a whopping, eye-catching Pac-Man wall illustration as a tribute to classic 80s arcade regimes. Use sticky pads for the pellets and brightly colored paper for Pac-Man and the ghosts, an audience appealing and sentiment arousing 80s throwback.

5. DIY Rubik’s Cube Inspired Tables

Engineer the quintessential Rubik’s Cube table, mimicking the classic toy, as an integral component of the 80s party ambiance. Wrap cardboard cubes in patterned paper squares to emulate the captivating puzzle, make space for them around your venue to spark intriguing conversations.

6. DIY 80s Theme Cassette Garland

Reinvent old cassette tapes into a breathtaking hanging decoration. Infuse it with brightly hued ribbons and suspend it around your venue that reminisces the zenith of analog music culture.

7. Iconic Life-Sized Cut-Outs

Invite renowned figures and celebrities from the 80s with life-sized cardboard cut-outs. Acclaimed faces such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, and silhouette from Miami Vice will indeed grab eyeballs and ignite conversations.

8. DIY 80s Inspired Graffiti Backdrop

Construct a graffiti backdrop inspired by the ghetto blaster using oversized cardboard and vibrant non-permanent spray paints. It doubles as an 80s-themed photo booth where your visitors take memories back from your electrifying event.

9. DIY Mixtape Style Placemats

Design DIY mixtape inspired placemats for a smart dining appeal. Trim them from black card stock and label them with your attendee’s name or a renowned 80s song title for a personalized feel.

10. DIY Vibrant Balloon Archway

Enhance your venue with a vibrant DIY balloon archway. Decorate it with the blazing tones of the 80s era. This splendid installation will greet guests into your venue and instantly establish the event’s atmosphere.


Achieving the perfect 80s ambiance with DIY 80s party decorations starts and concludes with these iconic and creative decorations. Every item is not only decorative but a crucial part of the journey back to the bubbly 80s. Equipped with these visual cues, let the celebration begin.

DIY 80s Party Decorations

For all your party needs, check out ‘the comprehensive guide to diy event decor make your occasions stand out‘ for more fun ideas and themes. For additional source of inspiration, visit the Wikipedia page on 1980s Western fashion trends.

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