Exquisite Craftsmanship: Master the Art of Creating a DIY Burlap Wreath


Here at Scatterdash Crafts, we are dedicated to empowering you with creative prowess to make the most intricate yet elegant DIY crafts. One of our most cherished innovations is the DIY burlap wreath. This aesthetic masterpiece of handmade charm has set the course for endless praise from our audience and surprisingly, it is quite easy to make. So grab your creative hat, and let’s embark on this fun journey to creating your DIY Burlap wreath together.

Stocking Up on Materials

Before we dive into the rabbit hole of instructions and techniques, it is crucial to gather all the necessary materials. The following are the essential materials required for your elegant DIY burlap wreath:

  1. Burlap Ribbon
  2. Floral Wire
  3. Wire Wreath Frame
  4. Crafting Scissors

Consider this list as your shopping guide to ensure you have everything needed to create your showpiece.

Burlap Wreath Crafting: Step-by-step Guide

A. Burlap Looping

Start weaving long stretches of burlap ribbon into the wire wreath frame. The secret to a fluffy, voluminous wreath is in the loops you create. Make sure they are uniform and neat.

B. Securing Loops

Use the floral wire to secure the loops. This process is what gives our DIY burlap wreath its notable compactness and structure. It’s like the secret sauce to our grand feast of craftsmanship. Making sure that our wreath maintains its shape is top priority for us.

C. Repeat Looping and Securing

Once you’ve conquered this cycle of looping and securing, it’s time for repetitions. Yes, like in a gym session. Persistence is the key in getting that aesthetically pleasing look. Trust us, your audience will be amazed by the results.

D. Trimming edges

After looping and securing, you may encounter untidy protrusions. No need for alarm. Just grab your crafting scissors and start trimming the edges. It may take a few tries before you get it just right, but this final touch-up will make your craftsmanship stand out from the crowd.

E. Customization

An exceptional wreath has personality. This is where you can freely express your creativity. Add ornaments of your choice or maybe even some spray paint. This is your canvas, remember to sign it.

How to Preserve Your DIY Burlap Wreath

This DIY burlap wreath is more than just a ‘project’, it is a testament to your brilliant creativity and commitment. With some care and love, the wreath can stay vibrant and fresh for various seasons to come. Here, We’ve gathered some useful tips for preserving your DIY Burlap Wreath:

A. Avoid direct sunlight

If your wreath is displayed outdoors, try to keep it away from direct sunlight. The harsh UV rays can damage the colour of your burlap wreath, causing it to fade quicker.

B. Store Properly

Should you decide to store your wreath for the following season, wrap it up in a large plastic bag or a sizeable container to prevent dust particles or bugs from reaching it. Store it in a cool, dry place where it is unlikely to get squished.

C. Cleaning the Burlap Wreath

Proper cleaning will ensure that your DIY burlap wreath will continue to shine long into the future. Lightly dust it off with a soft brush or cloth to keep it looking fresh and new.


Creating a DIY burlap wreath is definitely a satisfying experience that adds a personal touch to your décor. Following our step-by-step guide ensures a smooth sail into the vast ocean of creativity. Do remember our preservation tips to keep your beautiful creation vibrant and fresh for a longer time. We hope this comprehensive guide helps you navigate through the art of making your own DIY burlap wreath. Ready to create your masterpiece?

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