10 Essential DIY Alice in Wonderland Party Decorations for a Memorable Celebration

Embark on an Adventure

Welcome to the magical realm of Alice in Wonderland. Our DIY Alice in Wonderland party decorations guide will catapult you into Lewis Carroll’s delightful world. You’re not just going to save expenses, but you’ll also craft an event that stands out and remains unforgettable.

Part 1: Crafting the Atmosphere

First and foremost, we need to craft the atmosphere. The ambiance is key for any Alice in Wonderland themed gathering. A combination of vivid hues, eccentric patterns, and familiar symbols from the novel can swiftly morph your party venue into an enchanting wonderland.

1.1 Welcome Gateway

Begin with the welcome gateway. A homemade directional sign pointing towards “The Queen’s Castle,” “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party,” and “Rabbit Hole” is an interactive method to greet your guests.

1.2 Backdrop

Moving on, concentrate on creating a captivating backdrop. A cardboard cut-out of the Cheshire Cat’s grin painted or a wall bedecked with playing card posters can serve as impressive focal points.

DIY Alice in Wonderland party decorations

Part 2: Table Decorations

The table setting provides an opportunity for your creativity to sparkle. From theme-centric centerpieces to homemade place cards, there are infinite ways to revive Alice’s world.

2.1 Centerpiece

An oversized paper mache teapot or a bouquet of roses painted can act as a stunning centerpiece.

2.2 Place Cards

For place cards, think about miniature ‘Drink Me’ bottle labels or ‘Eat Me’ tags for an element of charm.

Part 3: Catering Ideas

A party isn’t complete without food and drinks. So why stick to the ordinary when you can make it extraordinary?

3.1 Themed Snacks

Incorporate themed snacks like ‘Queen of Hearts’ jam tarts or ‘Mad Hatter’ mini sandwiches into your menu.

3.2 Beverage Stations

Create a ‘Drink Me’ station with vibrant drinks, labelled with tags inscribed with iconic quotes from the book.

Part 4: Party Souvenirs

Send your guests back with a piece of Wonderland.

4.1 Handcrafted Souvenirs

Consider handcrafted souvenirs like mini bottles filled with glitter labelled ‘Fairy Dust’ or bookmarks featuring characters from the novel.

4.2 Wrapping

Wrap these souvenirs in custom ‘Thank You’ bags decorated with images of White Rabbit or Mad Hatter for that added personal touch.


With these DIY Alice in Wonderland party decorations, your event is set to be a sensation. By integrating thematic elements from the book into your décor, food, and souvenirs, you’ll craft a memorable experience that your guests will reminisce for years. Don’t wait any longer! Delve into the rabbit hole and start organizing your magical Alice in Wonderland gathering today! Also, don’t miss our economical diy photo booth backdrop ideas to spark your creativity.

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